International Doctors
Alcoholics Anonymous

Dedicated to Providing Support, Fellowship, and Resources for Recovering Health Professionals Worldwide

Family Recovery at IDAA - The Children's Program

IDAA partners with Hazelden Betty Ford to provide educational programming and a whole lot of fun during the Annual IDAA Conference. The IDAA Children's Program is for children 7-12 years of age and runs daily Wed-Saturday during the Conference. Here is a video of the wonderful Counselors that return year after year!

International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA) is a worldwide fellowship of more than 9,900 healthcare professionals and their families who strive to help one another to achieve and maintain recovery from addictions.

Membership is open to doctorate level health care providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, or to those in training for these degrees.

IDAA is a CONFIDENTIAL resource available to health care providers (and their families) seeking recovery. IDAA is not involved officially with agencies or treatment providers that monitor physician recovery. Volunteer contacts do not benefit financially from their work with IDAA. IDAA is not directly related too local, state or national regulatory agencies. Although members may work for treatment or regulatory agencies, IDAA members pledge to protect anonymity of other IDAA members and their families.

IDAA maintains the position that mainstream AA/Al-Anon is the basis for our recovery programs. We are not terminally unique! Specific issues do arise, however, for healthcare professionals that may be hard to deal with in regular AA/Al-Anon meetings. Many of these concerns can be explored in a safe environment at the IDAA annual meeting and in email-based meetings available through this website.

There is an annual fee of $250 for IDAA membership. The only requirement for IDAA membership is being a health care provider who desires to stay sober and healthy. The spouse and/or children of a health care provider may themselves be members even if the otherwise qualifying provider is not yet in recovery. The purpose of this website is to provide experience, strength, and hope for prospective and current IDAA members, their families, and their friends. Information on the organization and links to other resources for recovery are available below.

The IDAA Help Line is a confidential network available to health care providers or their family members seeking a peer to talk with about alcoholism, addiction, recovery and related concerns. Contacts will also help IDAA members find recovery meetings at home and when traveling. To learn more about IDAA, or to become an IDAA member, please follow the links below:

New Member Sign Up - Become an IDAA member.

Update Membership Information - Update your membership information here.

Annual IDAA Meetings offers information about and access to online registration for those meetings.

Other Meetings provides information about state, regional, national and international meetings of interest to health professionals in recovery.

IDAA Cyber (online email) Recovery Meetings which include Cyberdocs, MD2, and Al-Anon (members only).

Providers' Recovery Meeting Locator is the listing for local professional health care AA/NA meetings (members only).

Community Bulletin Board shows the latest news of interest to IDAA members.

This website is an evolving community effort; if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement please send an email to the IDAA Executive Director.


Vision Statement

IDAA envisions recovery for all health care professionals and their families impacted by addictive disorders.

Mission Statement

The mission of IDAA is to carry the message of recovery to health care professionals and their families.


The IDAA 2024 annual meeting will be held in Baltimore, Maryland July 10-14, 2024 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

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