IDAA Ambassador Resources

Important Updates,

The goal of this program is to continue to deliver the message of hope and healing to healthcare professionals and their families, both beginning or established in their journey to recovery.

The program is crafted to share the magic of IDAA within your network. Your comfort is paramount in inspiring others. What does IDAA mean to you?

Engaging in the program is straightforward, with various avenues to explore. Consider representing IDAA in diverse settings such as Local Caduceus meetings, medical conferences, professional groups, your alma mater, treatment centers, co-workers, workplace support areas, and more.

Once you identify an opportunity to share the message of recovery and hope, IDAA can send you the necessary information including brochures, promotional materials for the upcoming Conference, and concise written lines of information to help you explain IDAA; remember, personal impact helps foster hope, consider sharing your story! 

What do we need from you?

What information are we seeking from you? Kindly e-mail ( inform us of the event/opportunity where you'd like to share the IDAA message, along with the date. Estimate the number of people you anticipate connecting with and the quantity of brochures you may require.  If multiple members opt to represent IDAA at the same location, we will make efforts to connect you in advance. Following the opportunity to serve, we ask that you check in at your convenience.

In addition to printed materials, URLs and electronic files are also available below.

Keep in mind, an ambassador can be anyone sharing their strength and story with just one other person— that's all it takes to spread hope.


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