IDAA 20's

The IDAA 20's is an annual family recovery program held at the IDAA Annual Conference, catering to participants aged 20 to 29. While some attendees have a background with IDAA through the Children's Program and the IDAA Teen Program, prior involvement is not mandatory. Run by the 20's attendees and led by a 20’s Chair, the program includes structured topic meetings during the conference, but its main highlight is the camaraderie and sense of unity among participants.

Unlike other IDAA Family Recovery tracks, the IDAA 20's program doesn't exclusively focus on an individual's substance use or the recovery of a family member. Both those struggling and those affected by a family member are welcomed and encouraged to join. The common ground within this program centers around recovery and age, with a strong emphasis on offering group support.

Participants in the 20's program will engage in topic-specific meetings throughout the conference. Beyond that, they can partake in various activities such as card games, communal dining, and savoring the event venues. Members of this significant age group are strongly encouraged to participate in the welcome reception, banquets, and the Family Recovery luncheon, immersing themselves fully in the conference experience and forging lasting peer relationships.