Host a Conference

If you're a member of IDAA and have an interest in hosting the annual Conference of International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous, kindly reach out to with your bid or idea. Your message will be directed to the current Chair of the IDAA Conference Committee for further discussion.

Upon submission, you may be invited to present your proposal to the IDAA Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, you and your committee will assume the role of the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) under the guidance of the Conference Committee Chair.

The LAC enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy in making decisions about the Conference programming. This allows each gathering to have a unique character, and each committee can operate independently. The Central Office handles several aspects of the planning process, such as AV, contract management, registration, and payments. This support enables the LAC to concentrate on programming.

Traditionally, the annual IDAA Conference takes place in July or August, rotating across different sections of the United States. When selecting the meeting site, consider the ease of travel for members. Using a single hotel is preferred, and the chosen location should accommodate the 450-750 attendees, with a preference for a resort setting, particularly for members with families.