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Helpful Tips

When completing your registration, please check that your name appears as you would like it on your conference badge. Please note that all adult, 20's, and teen registrations include the banquet dinners. Should you want an unregistered guest to attend one of the banquets, please purchase additional tickets.

The Children's Program at IDAA

If you are registering a child for the children's program at IDAA please note that this is for children ages 7-12. Anyone younger will not be accepted into the program and you will need to find other arrangements for them. The Children's program registration does not include the children's banquet. This is in addition to their registration.

The Children's Banquet

Professional childcare, activities, and a meal are provided at this event which runs concurrently to the Thursday and Saturday night banquets. The children's banquet is open to children 6 months - 12 years.

Membership with IDAA

Please note to register for the conference you must have a membership at the time of registration. Guests of members are welcome but must register with a current member.

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