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IDAA is an organization of women and men who are health care providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists or are in active pursuit of such a degree in the health care professions. We are health care providers in nearly every specialty, dentists, veterinarians, educators, psychologists, pharmacists, and other health care providers. Spouses and family members of the above categories may also be a member even if he qualifying individual is not yet in recovery.

The only other requirement for membership is the doctor's desire to belong. There is an annual $50 membership fee to belong to IDAA. It is assumed that you are in, or want to join, a 12-Step Recovery Program. Membership information is held in the IDAA Central Office in strict confidence to preserve your anonymity.

Contact information is given entirely at your discretion. A valid email address is required to access the 'members-only' portions of this site. Listing this information implies communications can be sent to you by phone, US mail, or email -- if otherwise, please specify in the "comments" area below. All communications will originate from the IDAA Office. Our IDAA newsletters and notices of the annual meeting will be sent to the address of your choice.

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2020 Meeting

The next IDAA annual meeting will be held in Spokane, Washington August 5-9, 2020.

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IDAA envisions recovery for all health care professionals and their families impacted by addictive disorders.


The mission of IDAA is to carry the message of recovery to health care professionals and their families.