IDAA Help Line

The IDAA Help Line is a listing of IDAA members who serve as personal contacts for healthcare professionals and their families seeking another doctor to talk with about recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions. These member contacts also provide information on AA meetings in their local areas for members visiting their city.

IDAA member contacts have agreed to list their email address and telephone number on this web site in order to help other colleagues. Please remember that anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous and IDAA seeks to preserve this tradition.

If you are a healthcare professional seeking help, you are encouraged to contact a person listed in your area. The IDAA member will answer your questions and help you find local Caduceus or AA meetings. Perhaps they will take you to a meeting and get you started in recovery. If unable to find a contact in your area, contact the Executive Director of IDAA.

Local meetings vary from professional meetings for "doctors only" to mainstream AA. A recommended meeting is really dependent on what is available. Meetings chosen are not endorsed by IDAA. Each local group is autonomous. Local IDAA contacts are devoted, concerned professionals who value their own sobriety, which is enhanced by helping others.

So as not to discourage inquiries from anyone who may seek help, the posted contacts do not participate in a financial way in either the treatment or monitoring of healthcare professionals. Some contacts may be involved as volunteer members of such agencies or committees but as such pledge to protect anonymity according to the traditions of Alcoholic Anonymous.

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Vision Statement

IDAA envisions recovery for all health care professionals and their families impacted by addictive disorders.

Mission Statement

The mission of IDAA is to carry the message of recovery to health care professionals and their families.


The IDAA 2024 annual meeting will be held in Baltimore, Maryland July 10-14, 2024 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

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