Email Recovery Meetings (Listgroups)

Listgroups are simply ongoing recovery-related "meetings" conducted by email.

There are several listgroups available to MEMBERS OF IDAA AND THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.

Please note that while IDAA provides the internet service that make the listgroups possible the listgroups themselves are not a formal function of IDAA. The members of each listgroup make their own policies regarding that particular group.

Further information (in PDF format) on the various listgroups and how to join is ONLY available in the IDAA MEMBERS PORTAL.


Vision Statement

IDAA envisions recovery for all health care professionals and their families impacted by addictive disorders.

Mission Statement

The mission of IDAA is to carry the message of recovery to health care professionals and their families.


The IDAA 2023 annual meeting will be held in Tuscon, Arizona July 5-9, 2023 at the El Conquistador.

Information and Registration