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IDAA 2018

Scholarship Recipient Meeting Registration

If you are a scholarship recipient, you will need the "authorization number" issued to you by the scholarship chairman before you can complete your registration here. If you do not have an authorization number and wish to apply for one, go here.

If you are approved for a FULL scholarship you will not need a credit card unless you register for something other than the approved items.

If you are approved for a PARTIAL scholarship the approved items will be appropriately discounted and you will need a credit card to complete the process.

If you change your registration information after you have registered (adding family members, for example), you must notify the scholarship chairman before you show up at the meeting. Anyone who has not been approved in advance by the scholarship committee will be regretfully turned away.

Last Name
Authorization Number

Remember that you will be charged for anything other than the fully covered and approved items in which case you will need a valid credit card.