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IDAA 2018

Change/Modify/Cancel Meeting Registration

To modify a prior registration you will need to re-register as if a completely new registration is being made. Proceeding from this page will automatically notify the central office that changes have been made.

Any fees you have previously paid will be adjusted with the appropriate charges made to or deducted from your credit card. The meeting registrar will notify you of these changes.

If you need to cancel your registration or have any questions, please contact:

IDAA Central Office -- Meeting Registration
8514 E. Maringo Drive
Spokane, WA 99212
Home: 509-928-4102
Cell Michael: 509-954-4789
Cell Ginger: 509-928-4102

IDAA 2018 Refund Policy
Notifying the Central Office of cancellation of registration prior to May 31, 2018 will result in a 100% refund of fees, if requested. Cancellations made between May 31 and July 15, 2018 will result in a 50% refund of fees, if requested. No refunds will be made on cancellations received after July 15, 2018. Registration for members and spouses made after July 15, 2018 will be charged an additional $25.00 each.