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IDAA 2018

On-line Annual Meeting Registration

Welcome to the On-line Registration Area. You will need a valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card to complete the process.

A price list is given at the bottom of this page if you wish to review it before you start. The registration prices for scholarship recipients (as well as their spouse/so's and children if approved) will be adjusted automatically at the end of the registration process.

At any point during the registration, you may:

  • Use the button to continue on to the next page...
  • Use the button to return to a previous page...
  • Use the button to clear new entries on a page...
  • Use the button to abort the registration, which will completely remove any and all information you have entered...

Please do NOT use your BROWSER's "back" or "forward" button to return to a previous page or go on to the next page. Use the buttons on the entry form instead.

Member, Spouse/SO, Guest, AlaTwenty, AlaTwenty Spouse/SO/Guest, Medical Student/Resident/Fellow meals include opening night buffet, Thursday/Saturday dinners, Friday Al-Anon luncheon, 3 continental breakfasts, and Sunday morning breakfast only.

Regular IDAA Member $515 / person
Medical Student/Resident/Fellow Member $275 / person
Spouse/SO $435 / person
Guests $490 / person
CME Certificates
(up to 10 Category 1 hours will be available)
$150 / person
Children's Program with Jerry Moe's program (ages 7-12yr)
Attendance is limited to 60 children. Registration is on a first-come basis. Includes 3 lunches and Sunday morning breakfast only.
$215 / person
IDAA Teens (ages 13-19yr)
Includes opening night pizza party, Friday Al-Anon luncheon, Sunday morning breakfast only.
$125 / person
AlaTwenty $320 / person
AlaTwenty Spouse/SO/Guest $320 / person
Thursday Night Children's Banquet $65 / person
Saturday Night Children's Banquet $65 / person
Vegan Meals (Adults Only) $0 / person
Fun Run
$30 / person

Proceed when ready...