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IDAA 2018

Program Information

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This years conference theme "A Moment of Clarity" is for all of us in recovery when we were graced with the moment when we had that humble moment of clarity when we realized we didn't have all the answers. We realized that we can get help if we are open to it and willing to ask for it. Most of us have an "ah-hah" moment, an epiphany when we have that moment of awareness that we are not all the same. We are wired differently. I am not you, and you are not me. The moment of clarity that I cannot change anyone else but my own attitudes of acceptance, and perhaps I can learn to be humble to learn a new way of life. My hopelessness turns to hope and hope turns to a life I could never have dreamed of left to myself. With more time in the program we grow in more moments of clarity and layer by layer our lives grow in intimacy with others, and our lives become vessels of hope to others as we carry to message of recovery to other alcoholics and family members.


Many of us come into the Al-anon rooms to change the alcoholic or addict in our lives. We have lost our own identities and for some of us have never even created our own. In Al-anon we learn to put the focus back on ourselves through the chaos and storms of life. We learn a better way to live and to hold our own serenity with care and priority. This years theme "A Moment of Clarity" is about realizing that we cannot help anyone else if our own attitudes are distorted with resentment and hostility. Because alcoholism and addiction is a disease that chips away at the foundation of family, embracing Al-Anon is critical to the preservation and restoration of a healthy family unit. Family members and members of AA are encouraged to go to Al-anon and to work the program. As a result Al-Anon members experience moments of clarity as we learn healthier forms of communication and habits that have deteriorated over time. Attending Al-anon meetings and incorporating the program in our lives aid in healing fractured relationships one day at a time. Are you willing to do things differently? Do you want better relationships? Come and find out the pearls in how to get there!


Recent evidence has resulted in significant changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Gambling Addiction has been renamed "Gambling Disorder." It is no longer considered to be an impulse control disorder, and is now a part of the Substance-Related and Use Disorders spectrum, along with traditional substance use disorders. For these and other reasons, the LAC has made a decision to partner with the Nevada Commission on Problem Gambling (NCPG). Our program will have the FIRST educational program to combine GD with SUDs. Isn't it interesting that the 2018 will be the FIRST IDAA meeting to be held in a hotel with a casino. You can't plan miracles like this! The NCPG has been holding their annual meetings in casino's for years, and they will take the lead on this part of the program.

CME and CDE, 1 hour courses will also be provided as previous years with topics regarding "A Moment in Clarity" and addiction. Complacent years in recovery, recovery for adult children new in recovery, trauma in recovery, as well as an array of addiction related courses. More to be announced.


A favorite part of the annual IDAA conventions is the fellowship at the luncheons and banquets. Friendships are made here that last a lifetime.

Wednesday evening there will be a welcome reception at the luxurious Peppermill Resort Spa.

Thursday evening is the Newcomers' banquet. This is a wonderful experience for all the newcomers to be able to experience just how important they are.

Friday noon - The Al-Anon luncheon is an opportunity for all to hear a peer selected Alateen member share her or his experience, strength, and hope as well as a recovered Al-anon speaker on how it was and what it's like being in a recovery program.

Saturday evening will be the formal banquet, featuring our keynote speaker. This is a very happy and spiritual time for all as many will be recognized for their service. Formal attire is most common for this affair. You'll be welcome regardless.

Last of all will be the Spiritual brunch on Sunday morning. with our "spirituality speaker" and a wonderful way to close out our 2018 meeting.


Breakout meetings for different disciplines will be held at various times throughout the day. There are about 23 different breakout meetings on top of the step, topic, couples, CME, and CDE meetings. Rooms will be available and groups can sign up for use of the rooms. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside each room.