IDAA 2017

Children, Teens, and Twenties

Children's Program with Jerry Moe

This is a 3 day educational program for children ages 7-12 living in families impacted by alcoholism or other drug addictions. This program utilizes art, games, storytelling, films, written exercises, role-play, and recreation to help youngsters build strengths and deepen their resilience. Skilled counselors lead the groups for children. Parents will participate with children for part of the last day. Space will be extremely limited and will be allocated in the order of registration.


IDAA-teen is a fellowship of young people whose lives have been affected by alcoholism in a family member, or close friend. IDAA-teens help each other by sharing their experience, strength and hope with each other in meetings which are focused on topics selected by the group. The IDAA-teen program is coordinated by sponsors from IDAA and focuses on the Twelve Steps in helping IDAA-teens grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


This is a meeting for young adults who have graduated from IDAA-teen. These young people were impacted by the IDAA-teen program in such a positive way, that as they move past their teens into their twenties, they've decided to create the next step. The IDAA-twenties program will be determined at the conference.

Children's Banquets*

Thursday 6:30 p.m.- 10.00 p.m.
Saturday 6:30 p.m.- 10.00 p.m.
*Additional charge per child per night -- see registration form.


Snowbird Resort offers a summer camp for children aged 5-12 years as well as in-room babysitting. You will need to let Snowbird know in advance (a few weeks prior to the conference) if you expect to use either of these services so Snowbird can make sure they have the appropriate staffing. Information on the summer camp and pricing is available here:

Rates for in-room babysitting:

(2016 prices) One child: $22/hour; $2/hour more for each additional child; 4 children maximum per sitter. Babysitting reservations must be canceled by noon the day of service or a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.