IDAA 2014

Scholarship Information and Application

All scholarship slots for this year have been filled and this application area is now closed.

Scholarship recipients, like newcomers at a 12 step meeting, are the most important people attending each IDAA meeting. Thanks to the generous contributions of our members we are able to continue the tradition of offering full and partial scholarships for members and possibly their families.

To All Scholarship Applicants for IDAA 2014:

Scholarships are offered for registration fees, CME's, and room only. They are awarded on the basis of economic need and recommendations from their local Caduceus group and/or sponsor. As there are a limited number of rooms available, scholarships will generally be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis; however, first time applicants will be given some preference over those who have previously received scholarships. Each recipient is responsible for the costs of transportation, non-included meals and extracurricular activities.

Each scholarship recipient will share a room with one or more scholarship recipients, or with the spouse, if applicable. Accommodations for dependent children will be in the room with the parent(s). Do not make room reservations on your own; rooms have been reserved by our committee and will be assigned to you well before the convention.

Each recipient will be expected to assist daily during the conference at the various booths associated with conducting the conference. This may include registration, pre-registration for the next year's annual meeting, scholarships, souvenirs, etc. The time commitment will vary according to the number of scholarship participants available, but based on previous experience, it should be no more than 2 hours/day.

After you have been approved, each recipient must register for the conference as though he/she were paying for it -- simply give the approval number on the registration form, either on-line or on paper. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our mutual journeys.

Scholarship Chairman

Filling out the application below does *NOT* register you for the meeting -- nor does it guarantee that your scholarship application will be approved. When/if your application is approved you will be given an "authorization number" which you *MUST* then take to the on-line meeting registration area and use to complete your meeting registration -- there will be a page there that will require the correct number in order for you to recieve the scholarship discounts. Please do not try to register before you are approved.

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