IDAA 2013

Children and Teens

The conference has programming for children and teens over the age of 7. Please see details below for the types of programs we are offering at the 2013 "Keystone of Recovery" conference.


We are unable to provide childcare services for younger children due to liability issues. Keystone Resort has suggested childcare services available which you can access here. The 2013 LAC encourages those with small children to rent condos for the convention so that you can arrange to share childcare duties with other families. To that end, look for a bulletin board at this location as a tool to coordinate that information.



IDAA is extremely pleased to offer a children's program originating from the Betty Ford Center and facilitated by Jerry Moe. This three day program utilizes art, games, and story-telling, films, written exercises, role play and recreation to help children understand the disease of addiction. Participation helps youngsters build strengths and deepen their resilience. Skilled counselors lead groups focused on recovery.

The program is for kids 7-12 years of age, runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the parents joining the children for part of the last day.

All children registered for the Jerry Moe Program are required to attend the full program. There is room for 60 kids this year. Please reserve space(s) for your child(ren) early, the registration will be on a first come first served basis.

PARENTS: Plan on being there on Saturday at 3:00 pm for the Jerry Moe Program graduation. You won't want to miss it.



The 2013 IDAA Teen's program will be headed by the Al-Anon arm of LAC. Their facility will be located next to the Events Center in the Lakeside Village area (lower right corner of the picture).

The program will be similar to years past. Teens will have their own designated space furnished with comfortable seating, games, snacks and age-appropriate activities. Teen-specific programming will be offered throughout the conference. Parents will be required to attend an orientation meeting on Wednesday evening (check conference brochure for time and location).

Parents MUST sign a consent and liability form allowing their teens to participate.


As our IDAA teens age-out but continue to enjoy our sharing and caring community, the IDAA Twenties has grown and evolved. Everyone between 18 and 29 is encouraged to participate in the Ala-20's. Please register in advance to assure there is plenty of pizza and snacks available for the group. A basic program has been developed but can always be amended to reflect the needs of this year's participants.


Traditionally, the Teens and Twenties meals are on their own for pizza Wednesday evening. The 2013 LAC will be hosting a BBQ at the Keystone stables that evening and we encourage families to attend this venue together.

There will be two children's banquets concurrent with the IDAA banquets on Thursday and Saturday evenings. Parents: Please register your children (over age 4) for these banquets so that you may attend the adult banquets.

We ask that you check with the Registrar to purchase meal tickets for the Sunday Morning Spirituality meeting if your children will be attending the breakfast.