IDAA 2011

Program Information

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Our theme this year is, There Is A Solution - a phrase, concept, and thought, so important that it is the title of the 2nd chapter of our text, "Alcoholics Anonymous".

Page 17: "The tremendous fact for every one of us is that we have discovered a common solution."

Page 25: "There is a solution. Almost none of us liked the self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confession of shortcomings which the process requires of its successful consummation."

Accordingly, we have added a special optional, and no extra cost, accelerated Big Book Step Study Course for those who wish to commit or recommit to their sobriety. A renowned facilitator will guide attendees through all 12 of The Steps in 2 days. It will be broken up into 2 four-hour sessions, to be held on consecutive days.

Times are: Thurs & Fri mornings from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon, on 08/04/11 & 08/05/11. The course is an opportunity to experience The Steps "the old-fashioned way"---in very short order, just like Dr. Bob. Meetings will be held in the Tucson Ballroom on both days.

The regular AA session meetings will run daily except for Friday Alanon Luncheon, and Evening Banquets. These will usually be speaker guided, on a topic, Step, or Tradition. All these meetings will be in ½ of the Arizona Ballroom. The seating will be in informal round tables of about 10, for ease of small group discussion.

Couples meetings have been very well attended in the past, and these will be scheduled during the day and evenings, times TBA.


The Al-Anon program will include meetings with a speaker/discussion format. Topics will include the twelve steps and recovery oriented information and issues. Opportunities will be available for AA/Al-Anon couples to participate in couples groups. A program that meets the needs of the newcomer and the experienced Al-Anon will be available.

The Al-anon program will run parallel to AA, in the other ½ of the Arizona Ballroom, separated by an air-wall which will be moved back for the Fri Luncheon, and for the Banquets.


Created for many IDAA participants who have moved through the Teen years and wanted a program structured to their desires. They have developed a very interesting series of meetings.


A favorite part of the annual IDAA conventions is the fellowship at the luncheons and banquets.

Wednesday evening there will be a welcome reception, with food.

Thursday evening is the newcomers Banquet. This is a wonderful experience for all the newcomers to be able to experience just how important they are.

Friday noon - The Al-Anon luncheon is an opportunity for all to hear current happenings with those in the Al-Anon program. Also it's an excellent chance to hear a peer selected speaker from the Teen program.

Saturday evening will be the formal banquet. This is a very happy and spiritual time for all, as many will be recognized for their service. Semi-formal attire is most common for this affair. You'll be welcome regardless.

Last of all with be the Spiritual brunch on Sunday morning.