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Area Attractions

We are happy to have Starr Destinations to arrange tours. They are onsite and glad to arrange a very long list of activities. 2 very unique attractions, from a long list, are highlighted below. You will need to contact Starr Destinations to arrange your participation in a tour, should you wish.

Eric Duff is the Director, and we have listed his contact information, as of 5/14/2010.

Eric S. Duff
Director of Starr Destinations
Office (520) 791-6105

The Tubac/San Xavier Mission Tour: (4&1/1 hr experience).

We are suggesting contacting Starr Destinations for a tour on Thursday morning 8/04/2011.

One of the oldest continually occupied settlements in the country, Tubac is a marvelous Artist Colony for the power shopper. Nearby is San Xavier mission, our "White Dove of the Desert was built in 1783.

San Xavier Mission -- Tubac


The fabled "White Dove of the Desert", San Xavier Mission, was founded by Father Kino, a Jesuit missionary, in the early 1700's. Regarded as the best example of Spanish Moorish architecture in the United States, San Xavier was completed by local Indians under the direction of Franciscan friars. Standing stark white on the desert landscape, the Mission still serves as an active spiritual center and resides on the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation.

According to archaeologists and anthropologists, peoples of many cultures have dwelled along the Santa Cruz River for over 10,000 years. The Hohokam Indians were here between 300 and 400 A.D., the Pima and Papago Indians arrived in the 1500's, and the Spaniards later arrived with Father Kino in 1761. Tubac became part of the United States, thanks to the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. The village is rich in art and history, and with over 80 unique businesses and working studios, Tubac offers a wide variety of shopping possibilities. From sterling silver, western apparel, gourmet gifts, Native American jewelry and crafts, to original fine art and prints by popular southwestern artists.

$54.00/pp (Guarantee 20 Guests)

Go to and to view these 2 nearby historical and important sites.

Titan Missile Museum


The Titan Missile Museum is the only publicly accessible Titan II missile site in the nation, and is now a national historic landmark. For over 20 years during the Cold War, fifty-four Titan II missiles were maintained at the ready. They were kept loaded with propellants and nuclear warheads in their hardened underground silos. They had the ability to be launched within one minute from the time an order was received and manned by highly trained combat crews 24 hours a day. Their crews were always ready to act, awaiting an order that fortunately never came. In 1987 all Titan II missile complexes had been taken off alert. All were destroyed or dismantled, except for the lone number 571-7 Titan II missile resting in its 146 foot deep silo, as a testament to an extraordinary era. See the 3-ton blast doors, the 8-foot thick silo walls, and an actual Titan II missile in the launch duct. Visit the launch control center, experience a simulated launch and more! *Close-toed shoes required. Hats encouraged.

One Hour Guided Tour

On this tour, you'll stand on top of the launch duct and observe the Titan II missile in the launch duct. Then you'll descend 35 feet into the underground missile complex and visit the launch control center where you'll experience a simulated launch of the missile. Finally, you'll visit level 2 of the missile silo where you'll have another view of the missile in the launch duct.

Available 9am - 4:30pm. Limited to 25 people per tour.

Beyond the Blastdoor Tour

On the Beyond the Blastdoor Tour, you'll explore areas of the missile site normally closed to the public. See where the crews ate and slept. Then descend more than 100 feet underground and enter the launch duct. Experience a view you'll never forget as you stand directly beneath an actual Titan II missile!

This tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, and also includes a visit to the underground launch control center where you'll experience a simulated launch of the missile. *Limited to 20 people.

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