IDAA 2008

Program Information

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NOTE: More detailed information on this year's program will be posted soon on this website. Onsite registration & check-in will begin at 10 AM (to 5 PM) on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at the Red Lion Hotel on the River adjacent to the Front Desk.

The first event of the program begins with Dr. Seppala's CME Talk at 3:30 PM (see below) and is followed at 4:30 PM by Jerry Moe's acclaimed talk, "Listen to the Children". The convention officially begins with a poolside Welcome Barbeque at 6 PM, followed by an AA/Al-Anon Call-up Meeting at 8 PM. A variety of break-out meetings will begin 15 minutes after the Call-up & recur nightly.


Recovery is frequently a difficult time for most people. With recovery, the promises of a better life do manifest themselves. This meeting will focus on the joy of recovery and the development of a sense of serenity.

Early bird meetings will occur daily at 7 am, beginning Thursday. Breakout sessions begin at 10 PM or shortly after conclusion of the main evening event, whichever comes first.

AA Step & topic meetings will occur throughout the day from Thursday to Saturday. This year the format for many of the meetings will be somewhat different: the speaker will discuss the step or topic at hand for about 15 minutes, and the audience, seated at tables, will divide into discussion groups for the remainder of the hour.


The Al-Anon program will include meetings with a speaker/discussion format. Topics will include the twelve steps and recovery oriented information and issues. Opportunities will be available for AA/Al-Anon couples to participate in couples groups, and some breakout sessions will focus on parents with alcohol and/or drug dependent children. Programs that meet the needs of the newcomer and the experienced Al-Anon will be available.

Check back to this page of the web site for more specifics on Speakers and schedules as time gets closer to convention.


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This is a part of the program that was added several years ago as a direct result of long time IDAA participants who have moved through the Teen years and wanted a program structured to their desires. They have developed a very interesting series of meetings. Prior IDAA Teen or Ala-Teen experience is not necessary.


The Portland committee has put together an excellent group of CME speakers, including:

Marv Seppala, MD, on Evidence-based Addiction Treatment: How Research Supports Use of the Twelve Steps

Lynn Hankes, MD on Risk Factors for Relapse in Healthcare Professionals with Substance Abuse Disorders

Patty Pade, MD, on Mandated vs. Voluntary Treatment: The Virginia Experience

Mick Oreskovich, MD, on Newer Information on Physician Suicide

John MacDougall, D.Min., on My Minority View on Relapse

Ray Baker, MD, on Setting Boundaries in Recovery

Gayle Elliott, RDH, on Co-Dependent? Not MY Office!

Melissa Warner, MD, on The Big Book's Been Right All Along

Alasdair Young, MD, on The British Experience in the Treatment of Addicted Health Professionals

Dental topics include:

Curtis Vixie, DDS, on Digital Dentistry

Jim Tracy, DDS, on Utilizing Recovering Dentists in Educating Dental Students & in Dental Interventions


A favorite part of the annual IDAA conventions is the fellowship at the luncheons and banquets.

Wednesday evening there will be a welcome reception & barbeque by the Red Lion pool to renew acquaintances & make new friends.

Thursday evening is the newcomers Banquet. This is a wonderful experience for all the newcomers to be able to experience just how important they are.

Friday noon - The Al-Anon luncheon is an opportunity for all to hear current happenings with those in the Al-Anon program and Lynn M. of Michigan as our speaker. Also it's an excellent chance to hear a peer selected speaker from the Teen program.

Saturday evening will be the formal banquet. This is a very happy and spiritual time for all as many will be recognized for their service. Our main speakers will be Dale & Marybeth S. of Florida: Dale is the in-coming IDAA Executive Director. We will also have a special tribute to our out-going Executive Director, Gordi H. of Kentucky and his late & beloved wife, Connie. "Business casual" attire is most common for this affair. You'll be welcome regardless.

Last of all with be the Spiritual brunch on Sunday morning with a very special treat: John MacD. of Minnesota as the speaker.