IDAA 2006

Program Information

Latest Program Schedule (PDF -- requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


How often has it been said, how can you have fun without drinking or using. Early recovery is frequently a lonely sad time. With recovery, the promises of a better life do manifest themselves. This meeting will focus on the joy of recovery that blossom from the fertilizer of our using days, the hard work of our recovery activities, the expert advisor of a sponsor and the sunshine of meetings.

Early bird meetings will be available at 7 am. Breakout sessions begin at 10 PM.

As the time approaches for 2006 convention, check back to this page of the web site for more specifics on speakers and scheduling.


The Al-Anon program will include meetings with a speaker/discussion format. Topics will include the twelve steps and recovery oriented information and issues. Opportunities will be available for AA/Al-Anon couples to participate in couples groups. A program that meets the needs of the newcomer and the experienced Al-Anon will be available.

Check back to this page of the web site for more specifics on Speakers and schedules as time gets closer to convention.


This is a part of the program that was added several years ago as a direct result of long time IDAA participants who have moved through the Teen years and wanted a program structured to their desires. They have developed a very interesting series of meetings. The LAC has worked hard at meeting most of their request, after much debate however; we did decide not to furnish a butler for their room. We were reassured that the Ala-Twenty planning committee would under stand. If this is what we turned down, you have to come for no other reason than to find out what the LAC accepted.


CME has been broken up into two distinct programs this year. There will be a pre-conference course on Wednesday that will be sponsored and run by ASAM. It will be 8 hours course on Narcotic Addiction and Detoxification with Buprenoramine. At the end of the day, the participant will have fulfilled all of the requirements for certification to prescribe this drug. There will be a separate mailing and a separate fee for this program. You can get more information by going to You will also receive a separate mailing. This program will be coordinate with the IDAA program such that it will look like other year's program except the course will start at 8 am.

In addition, IDAA will run medical and dental CME on Thursday. Topic will include, "Addiction and Impulse Control", "Developmental Risk Factors in Adolescent substance abuse" and new pharmacotherapy's in addiction.

8 Additional CME credits are available with a pre-conference course on opiate dependence and buprenorphine treatment sponsored by ASAM and held on Wednesday 8-2-06. Information and registration be found at or 888-362-6784 (This will require a separate registration and fee).


A favorite part of the annual IDAA conventions is the fellowship at the luncheons and banquets.

Wednesday evening there will be a welcome reception with hors d'oeuvres in grand Ball Room. Bring your best Lena and Ole jokes to share.

Thursday evening is the newcomers Banquet. This is a wonderful experience for all the newcomers to be able to experience just how important they are.

Friday noon - The Al-anon luncheon is an opportunity for all to hear current happenings with those in the Al-anon program. Also it's an excellent chance to hear a peer selected speaker from the Teen program.

Saturday evening will be the formal banquet. This is a very happy and spiritual time for all as many will be recognized for their service. Formal attire is most common for this affair. You'll be welcome regardless.

Last of all with be the Spiritual brunch on Sunday morning.