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LAC Flag

The flag, or banner, that you see on the podium each year at IDAA, was originally referred to as the "Perpetual Host Committee Flag." Traditionally it is passed from the current Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) to the next. Being donated in 1986 by the Doctors in Recovery of Southern California meeting group, the banner was designed by Leland W. in concert with Dick McK. who was then the national Secretary-Treasurer of IDAA. The stylized "AA in the box" logo was taken from the IDAA stationary. The flag was made by the late Hal Hegge, a professional vexillologist* and member of the Fellowship in Redondo Beach, California. The banner was first used at the San Diego meeting and passed on to Gordi H. for use at the 1987 IDAA meeting in Lexington, KY. The Chairman of the 1989 meeting in San Antonio, Gene S., thought he had lost the flag and paid to have a replacement be made. By the time it was finished, the original was found. Thus today we have two such banners to use each year at the annual IDAA meeting.

*vexillologist: Flag maker. Hal was quite an artist and would create these beautiful one-of-a-kind flags for individuals and organizations. He was also an expert in Heraldry and in the rendering of Coats of Arms.


2020 Meeting

The IDAA annual meeting which was to be held in Spokane, Washington August 5-9, 2020 HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19.


The next IDAA annual meeting will be held in West Palm Beach, Florida August 4-8, 2021.

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